Viewing Areas Map

Come and be part of the excitement of the UP200 and Midnight Run races! Join us at any of the designated spectator viewing areas to watch and cheer on the sled dog teams. Be sure to check the schedule below to determine the optimal time to head to each viewing area and to find out which locations will feature additional activities that will be fun for the whole family.

To ensure the safety of the sled dog teams, please do not bring pets to viewing areas or checkpoints - thank you!

Friday Night

1) Friday night start of the UP200 Powered by NMU at 7pm & Midnight Run in Downtown Marquette – The races start at Washington Street and 4th Street and then run east on Washington.

2) Welcome Center in Harvey- This is a great place to view the teams as they head out of town and into the woods. Restrooms available. Teams will typically start passing by here around 7:30pm.

3) Prince of Peace Church in HarveyThis location is open to the public and has great views, a bonfire, and bathrooms. Refreshments and a bonfire start at 6:30pm, teams will typically start passing by a little before 8pm.

4) Lakenenland Sculpture Park- This unique sculpture park about 14 miles outside Marquette is open to the public and a great place to see the teams as they head towards the Wetmore checkpoint. Teams will typically start passing by Lakenland around 8:30pm.

5) MSU Farm Checkpoint in ChathamMidnight Run teams arrive at the MSU Farm checkpoint in Chatham starting around midnight. Chatham is located approximately 30 miles from Marquette. 

6) Forest Lake RoadAu Train Basin Dam (Forest Lake) – mushers will cross M-94 just east of the dam.

7) WetmoreThe teams cross M-28 by Hiawatha Log Homes. State Police assist with this road crossing to ensure the safety of mushers, dogs, drivers, and spectators. There will be hot chocolate and s’mores for spectators at M-28. Teams then proceed to the checkpoint where they take a mandatory five-hour layover before leaving for Grand Marais. Please note: Wetmore checkpoint is not open to the public so that dogs and mushers can get their rest.

Saturday Morning

Midnight Run finish at the Ojibwa Casino - Teams return from Chatham to Marquette along the same trail they took outbound. Teams leave Chatham between 5:30am and 9am and finish at Ojibwa Casino on M-28 east of Harvey. We expect the teams to start arriving sometime after 8am. Join us at the Casino to cheer the Midnight Run mushers and dogs across the finish line!

UP200 Powered by NMU at the H-58 Crossing - Most of the UP200 action on Saturday takes place in Grand Marais on Saturday afternoon. First things first though, on Saturday morning between 5am and 7am, teams will begin to leave from the Wetmore checkpoint on their way east and will cross H-58 in the morning. Look for the trail marker signs. You can view the teams at this location between 8am and noon. 

Saturday Afternoon

Grand Marais - The checkpoint in Grand Marais opens at 7am and remains open until the last musher leaves. Teams typically begin arriving in Grand Marais in the late morning. There is a full slate of activities and refreshments available for spectators—Grand Marais is a great place to spend the day on UP200 weekend!

The Grand Marais checkpoint is on Braziel Street (see map link below). Parking is on side streets, as Braziel and Alger Streets are closed for the race. Parking at the Community Center is reserved for race officials and race workers only. Spectators can also park at the marina, which is on Lake Avenue past the Bayshore Gas Station.

A schedule of activities in Grand Marais will be released soon. 

Sunday Viewing

UP200 Powered by NMU finish at the Ojibwa Casino - The teams will typically begin arriving mid-morning. The first teams could be in as early as 10am, and depending on conditions, they will continue to arrive throughout the afternoon. Check the “Track the Race” page for the latest timing information and stick around to cheer the Red Lantern (the last musher in) across the finish line!